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Tencarva Acquires emoryWilson Municipal Division
November 16, 2006

Tencarva Machinery Company, with a branch office in Richmond, Va., recently announced the acquisition of the Municipal Division of emoryWilson Company, effective May 1, 2006, according to Rod Lee, Tencarva president.

“This union joins Tencarva, the leading industrial pump distribution company, and the leading municipal pump distribution company in the southeast into one operation,” emphasizes Lee.

John C. Wilson, president of emoryWilson company (formerly Emory L. Wilson and Assoc. Inc.), has joined Tencarva as vice president for the new Tencarva Municipal Division. This division now includes Tencarva’s current municipal group in Arkansas and Tennessee, as well as the territory of the former emoryWilson Municipal Division, which covers North Carolina, South Carolina, most of Virginia and a few counties in northeastern Tennessee.

Municipal Division employees from emoryWilson joining the Tencarva Municipal Division are Jim Miller, sales manager; Barry Harms, Todd Ritchie, Tom Thomas and Tim Tilley, outside sales; and Tom Hegarty and John Monroe, both on the inside sales team.

The late Emory L. Wilson II, father of John C. Wilson, founded Emory L. Wilson and Assoc. Inc. in 1969. The Engineered Systems Showroom at Gorman-Rupp in Mansfield, Ohio, is named in honor of founder Emory L. Wilson II., who was a champion of the Gorman-Rupp municipal packaged lift station.

“The firm had been Gorman-Rupp’s largest volume municipal distributor for decades,” Lee points out. “In addition, a growing part of the municipal business is small wastewater pump packages for individual homes or small subdivisions where pressurized pipelines must be used because gravity lines are not feasible or are too expensive. Environment One (E One), the leading manufacturer of this type of equipment, has been represented in the Carolinas by emoryWilson Company.”

For additional details on Tencarva, contact Wayne Tatum, vice president, at For information on Tencarva, visit

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