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Tencarva Machinery Company Adds John Crane Lines
August 17, 2009

Tencarva Machinery Company, a distributor of fluid handling, compressed air and vacuum systems and related products headquartered in Greensboro, N.C., today announced the company has contracted with John Crane Inc. to add the territories of North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia for representation of the John Crane lines of mechanical seals and support systems, according to Rod Lee, Tencarva president.

The John Crane line of mechanical seals includes these mechanical seal brand names: John Crane, Sealol, Safematic and Flexibox. Other product lines include John Crane Packing, John Crane Power Transmission Couplings (previously Flexibox Couplings), LEMCO mechanical seal and support systems, heat exchangers and lubrication systems. John Crane is the world’s largest provider of mechanical seals and packing for all industries. The company’s offerings include sealing solutions for all types of rotating equipment, including pumps, agitators, fans, mixers and blowers. John Crane offers a wide range of seal sizes and designs to meet all applications, including component, cartridge and split configurations.

For further information on Tencarva and its products and services, please visit the Tencarva website.

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