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Thompson & Litton Announces New Surveying Services
June 4, 2009

The Board of Directors of Thompson & Litton (T&L) is pleased to announce additional services through their surveying department. Thompson & Litton will now be able to provide terrain modeling services for grading operations.

T&L Land Survey Department’s latest offering is DTM (Digital Terrain Modeling). A digital terrain model is a topographic model of the “proposed plan surface.” T&L is using AutoCAD Civil 3D and Topcon ForeSite programs to take existing digital and paper plans, supplied by the site design group, to create a 3D Model of the proposed site improvements. This final 3D Model is then loaded into the contractor’s machine controller for their use in the field. Prior to the final model being prepared T&L will establish high order primary and secondary horizontal and vertical control that will be used through out the life of the project. T&L can use files in most all formats including .dwg and .dgn. T&L can also export to Topcon and Trimble machine control units.

If you have a project that requires machine control or are interested in learning how modeling can be used on your project please contact Eric Gentry, LS at their Radford Office location at 540-633-1897 or email at

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