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Timmons Group Selected to Create Gateway Plan
April 14, 2009

Timmons Group announced recently that the firm’s Landscape Architecture team was awarded a contract by the Chesterfield County Airport to enhance the airport grounds and entryway and create a master gateway plan. Riggs Ward will be collaborating on branding and signage.

There is a need to create a comprehensive identity for the airport entry experience and to modernize wayfinding through use of clear, concise signage, efficient lighting and integration of native plantings. Improving the quality of the entryway and airport grounds will make the important first impression for not only the airport facility but adjoining properties.

Until now, the airport and its surrounding properties have not been treated as a unified complex. By utilizing Timmons Group’s expertise to assess existing conditions, integrate sustainable solutions and create a holistic branding plan, the existing grounds will become a unique regional airport facility. Timmons Group will coordinate implementation of this master gateway plan as part of an aviation grant program.

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