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Timmons Group to Develop Plan for NASA
April 22, 2009

Timmons Group recently announced that the firm has been awarded a contract to develop a wetland and stormwater master plan of the approximately 4,000 acres that makes up the NASA Wallops Flight Facility (WFF), located on the eastern shore of Virginia.

Timmons Group will provide strategic regulatory and land use analysis of WFF wetlands, including the main base, mainland, and Wallops Island, in order to develop a comprehensive long-term land use/wetland plan for WFF. Additionally, a stormwater regulatory and land use analysis will be conducted for Wallops Island in order to develop a comprehensive, long-term stormwater plan for the Island. In order to meet their mission directives, WFF staff recognizes they must expand their facilities in which wetland impacts will be unavoidable. This project will permit them to quantify what the potential impacts are from their development plans, and proactively identify suitable wetland restoration, enhancement and preservation opportunities within their land holdings. The regulatory agencies have previously requested an opportunity to see what is planned and how WFF will handle the environmental impacts. As a result, this project will go a long way to ameliorating concerns. The draft masterplan is scheduled to be completed in 120 days.

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