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Transportation Training Academy Launched
December 22, 2010

The Center for Transportation Studies at the University of Virginia’s (U.Va.) School of Engineering and Applied Science has launched a Transportation Training Academy.

The academy will help transportation professionals enhance knowledge in fundamental areas and develop technical skills necessary to improve performance and accelerate advancement in their careers.

“Our ultimate goal is to help the transportation workforce perform their jobs more effectively to meet the demands of their day-to-day work and make immediate contributions to their organizations,” said Bill Kelsh, director of the newly formed academy.

Courses are taught by U.Va. faculty and other transportation experts and held in various locations throughout Virginia. The curriculum is designed for a wide range of participants including road maintenance personnel, technicians, inspectors, planners, transportation engineers, public works directors, road builders and consultants.

The academy is a result of the merger of two previous training programs offered by the Center for Transportation Studies: the Virginia Local Technical Assistance Program and the Transportation Professional Development Program.

By merging these two programs, CTS will be able to offer a broad range of courses to better meet the technical training needs of a wider workforce. The academy’s new curriculum will include one-, two- and three-day classes encompassing more than 60 key topics in transportation.

The Center for Transportation Studies is a partnership between the U.Va. Engineering School and the Virginia Center for Transportation Innovation and Research, the research branch of the Virginia Department of Transportation. With more than six decades of technical innovation and experience in transportation, CTS today oversees a comprehensive program that includes education, research and professional training.

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