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Tri-State Turns 20
September 14, 2010

September 26th 2010 marks the 20th anniversary of Tri-State Utilities. Originally Tri-State was the idea of Steven F. McSweeney and his friend Preston Fussell (Pre-Con Construction). They wanted to form a service company in Tidewater Virginia to perform CCTV, Cleaning and HDPE slip-lining. Eventually Mr. McSweeney bought out Mr. Fussell’s interest.

There were originally four employees (three still with the company), a Vactor, and a TV truck. The first job was a local CCTV and cleaning job for Vico Construction. Today they have over 70 employees, and have projects running from Northern Virginia to the Carolinas.

In 2007 Mr. McSweeney passed the day to day management of the company into the capable hands of his two sons, Andy & Joe. With the partnership of Bob Schuster and the experience of Mike Floyd and other key people, they have been able to maintain the high level of technical expertise and service that Mr. McSweeney intended.

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