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United Engineering Foundation Grant Awarded To DiscoverE
December 18, 2018

DiscoverE has been awarded a grant from United Engineering Foundation (UEF) in support of its growing Introduce A Girl to Engineering program.

The UEF grant, entitled Advance the Movement: Now Is The Future of Introduce A Girl To Engineering Day, will be used to amplify the Girl Day message, increase understanding of what is working to attract girls to engineering education and careers and help unify outreach between the engineering profession and girl-serving organizations.

“The UEF is proud to be supporting DiscoverE’s Girl Day initiative,” said Pat Natale, UEF Executive Director. “The UEF Board of Trustees has made diversity of the engineering profession a priority for our financial support. Encouraging young women to consider engineer as a career is critical to our profession and society.”

“Thousands of Girl Day volunteers share a common goal – help girls explore their future potential through engineering,” said Leslie Collins, Executive Director, DiscoverE. “This mission is highly personal for many volunteer role models. They want to be sure that girls today have what they didn’t; early awareness of what engineers do, knowledge of how they help make a better world, and how to get on the right education pathways. DiscoverE is dedicated to making this happen and we are deeply grateful to UEF for its generous support.”

Through hands-on activities and an immersive, experiential day of discovery, Girl Day, now in its 18th year, provides girls with insights and inspiration for engineering a better world. Local Girl Day events take place throughout the country during Engineer’s Week every February.

Since 2015, DiscoverE has held an Introduce a Girl to Engineering congressional briefing on Capitol Hill on Girl Day. The UEF grant enables DiscoverE to live stream the event for the first time, significantly expanding its outreach and creating an engaging, interactive experience for virtual attendees wherever they may be located.

Funds from the grant will also be used to underwrite a Girl Day events survey. Attendees at local 2019 Girl Day events will be asked what motivates them to attend, how they benefit and what inspires them to take a deeper look at engineering. This information will be extremely valuable in helping DiscoverE and the engineering community in general build a blueprint for creating and opening opportunities for girls looking at engineering as a potential career option.

Other applications for the UEF funding include providing resources for a literature review of initiatives looking at common factors that lead college women to pursue and persist in engineering. DiscoverE will also host a stakeholders meeting that will bring together girl-serving organizations and DiscoverE partners, to explore the best opportunities for group collaboration.

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