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University Honored With 2005 WEPAN Award
May 25, 2005

Women in Engineering Programs and Advocates Network (WEPAN) has named Clemson University’s Women in Science and Engineering Program as the recipient of the Women in Engineering Initiative Award. This award recognizes an outstanding program or project that serves as a model for other institutions.

In selecting Clemson’s WISE program, the WEPAN Awards Committee used several criteria:
•Serves as a model for other WIE programs and actively shares experiences and materials with other programs
• Serves as a model for WIE programming for formal pre-college or retention activities/projects
• Demonstrates improvements in the educational environment for women in engineering
• Provides programming that offers professional guidance to students and/or faculty who seek engineering and science as a career or profession.

“Clemson’s WISE Program was notable in its comprehensive focus on both recruitment and retention, creating a pipeline of support for female students,” says WEPAN President, Bev Watford. “Clemson has been active its efforts for a ten years, and has a six year graduation rate for females of 43%, compared with the corresponding majority rate of 49%. Program offerings range from “It’s a Girl Thing,” a promotional box created to capture the interest of K-12 audience and expose them to career options in engineering, science, and mathematics, to offering a Living/Learning Community for students on campus. Clemson is tracking programs and achieving results.”

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