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UVA URDS Winners Announced
May 17, 2006

Colleagues, students and friends of the School of Engineering and Applied Science (SEAS) at the University of Virginia congratulate the top finishers among their select group of finalists in this year’s Undergraduate Research & Design Symposium (URDS), held recently in the Rotunda:

Individual Presenter Category

1st Place – Elizabeth Horahan, for her thesis entitled, “Design, Development and Testing of a Thoracic Exoskeletal Breathing Apparatus(TEBA) Utilizing Active Cellular Materials” Major: Chemical Engineering STS 401 and 402 Advisor: Ingrid Townsend Technical Advisor: Dana Elzey (MSE)
2nd Place – Alicia Evangelista, for her thesis entitled, “Novel Effects of Nitric Oxide on Cardiac Muscle Myosin: Finding a Mechanism for Heart Disease” Major: Biomedical Engineering STS 401 & 402 Advisor: Kathryn Neeley Technical Advisor: William Guilford (BME)
3rd Place – Carlos Sevilla, for his thesis entitled, “Investigating the use of Gold Nanospheres for the Selective Killing of Cancer Cells by Absorption of Laser Radiation” Major: Biomedical Engineering STS 401 Advisor: Rosalyne Berne Technical Advisor: Leonid Zhigilei (MSE) and Edward Botchwey (BME)

Team Presenter Category

Jason Manto, Kate Clopeck, Carly Krause, Dara Phillips, Lauren Foster, Brooke Yamakoshi, for their capstone project entitled, “Implementation of an Appropriate Household Water Purification System in Tourou, Cameroon”
Majors: Biomedical Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, Environmental Science, Civil Engineering and Systems Engineering
STS Advisors: Peter Norton, Catherine Baritaud, Helen Benet-Goodman, Kathryn Neeley, and Rosalyn Berne
Technical Advisors: Manto: Roseanne Ford, Clopeck: Dana Elzey, Krause: George Hornberger, Phillips: James Smith, Foster: Garrick Louis, Yamakoshi: Julie Zimmerman

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