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VCU Engineering To Launch Programs In Cybersecurity and Data Science
November 9, 2018

The Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) College of Engineering will launch post-baccalaureate graduate certificate programs in cybersecurity and data science this spring.

The programs are designed for the working professional to remain current or gain fluency in the fields.

Designed to train students to analyze and respond to threats against the security of computer systems, the certificate in cybersecurity will prepare graduates for jobs as specialists in cyber defense and will add this skill set to those already employed in an IT-related field.

“There is very high demand for experts in cybersecurity, as well as for software engineers working outside of cybersecurity who are aware of security risks and of approaches to mitigate them,” said Tomasz Arodz, Ph.D., graduate program director and associate professor in computer science. “The program will target working professionals who have education in computer science, but have not been exposed to cybersecurity. It offers a path through graduate-level cybersecurity courses without the need to invest time to cover the full breadth of an M.S. in Computer Science degree.”

Students who complete the certificate will be able to assist software developers and system administrators by analyzing the security of databases, applications, networks and computer systems; assessing security risks and identifying vulnerabilities in computer and network systems; and developing methods and techniques for defending against a range of cyberattacks.

The certificate in data science will train students in computer methods for analyzing big data sets generated by industry, research and government entities. Students will learn techniques for transforming the data into knowledge; developing algorithms for constructing computer systems that automatically learn from data; and tracking and evaluating new techniques and approaches in data science. The program will prepare graduates for jobs as specialists in data science and will add data science skills to those already in the workforce.

Full-time computer science faculty who are experts in fields related to cybersecurity and data science will teach the courses in each program.

Learn more or register for the programs on the VCU College of Engineering website.

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