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VDOT Seeks Construction Bids
May 20, 2009

The first of the federal highway stimulus work to reach the marketplace in Virginia was announced by the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) as it advertised approximately $250 million in paving and bridge projects for construction bids. According to VDOT, the plan is to spend the $250 million in stimulus funds on the state’s aging roads and bridges, on thoroughfares serving fast-growing military bases and on long-planned construction projects by June 30th. The bridge projects are being bundled into seven regionally based design-build contracts.

This first group of highway projects will include spending approximately $110 million to repave 436 miles of potholed interstate and primary roadways and $66 million to rehabilitate 119 worn-out small bridges, noted Malcolm T. Kerley, VDOT’s chief engineer. “We’re going to be moving them as quickly as we can,” said Mr. Kerley.

According to state Transportation Secretary Pierce R. Homer, the $110 million in paving work represents a 33 percent increase in the amount of paving work planned and the $66 million for bridge and culvert rehabilitation is a 50 percent increase in planned work for the fiscal year starting July 1st.

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