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Veolia To Provide Utilities For Virginia's DuPont Manufacturing Site
May 2, 2018

Veolia announced that it has entered, through its subsidiary Veolia Energy Operating Services, LLC, into an agreement to upgrade, operate and maintain the utilities infrastructure at the DuPont Spruance manufacturing facility in Virginia, United States. Utility best practices and efficiencies will help reduce costs and improve reliability for DuPont manufacturing site.

Located in Richmond, Va., DuPont Spruance site is a major manufacturing facility for the company and its largest plant.

Under a multi-year agreement, Veolia will operate and maintain the site’s utilities. In addition, Veolia plans to upgrade the utilities to be more efficient, and enhance performance and reliability, ultimately helping DuPont reduce utility costs. Included in Veolia’s scope is the operation and maintenance of the cogeneration facility that supplies the Spruance powerhouse on the manufacturing campus.

Veolia also will continue performing waste collection services for 20 different locations across the site, and is responsible for packaging, labeling and manifestation of all waste containers from the storage pad.

The partnership is part of Veolia North America’s growing Central Utility Service program, providing Veolia’s expertise to the site’s utility infrastructure. Veolia’s technology and innovation will help drive improvements, including an in-house ability to design/build enhanced and improved systems, which will result in reduced fixed costs and improved performance guarantees.

“Together DuPont and Veolia have established a long-term partnership and commitment to the Spruance facility. This is a strong example of Veolia’s capabilities to serve as a ‘one-stop-shop’ for customers seeking Central Utility Services. They’re able to focus on what they do best, let us focus on our expertise in managing and maintaining utilities infrastructure, and help them reduce their production costs,” said Veolia North America CEO Bill DiCroce. “In this exciting partnership, we’ll be working with DuPont to ensure more efficient, reliable and sustainable utilities at the Spruance manufacturing site.”

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