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Cityworks GeoPhoto Tool Developed
June 3, 2020

Woolpert, has announced the design of the Cityworks GeoPhoto Tool to enable field crews and end users to spatially view linear assets and relevant work order information at the exact location along each asset. The tool leverages the GIS capabilities of Esri with Cityworks asset management software functionality and allows work orders to be started, accessed and completed from the field.

Woolpert Systems Analyst Ean Hamilton said, with this tool, field crews take a picture at a given point along a linear asset and upload it into the work order. The image conveys the condition of the asset when the work order was filed. It is pinned to the map by utilizing the photo’s geospatial coordinates along the linear asset and is compiled with relevant project data.

“When the photo of the work order is selected, it lists specific details of that asset, including a timeline and history, as well as what work needs to be done,” Hamilton said. “The tool also functions using saved searches and helps identify regional project trends. If I’m doing a pavement assessment and I have 15-20 photos showing work events on one street, you know that’s a problematic area. By understanding the greatest need specific to location, cities can identify trouble spots and prioritize and allocate spending specific to that need.”

Woolpert Technology Services Market Director Jen Kouns said spatially viewing issues along a linear asset has been a consistent hurdle in work order management, since entering multiple issues that occur along one segment can be cumbersome in the field. The Cityworks GeoPhoto Tool provides a comprehensive, accurate and current record of each issue that occurs along the segment, thus providing a deeper understanding of the required maintenance for that asset.

“In some situations, there are legal actions that demand documented and defensible data specific to the maintenance performed,” Kouns said. “That need underscores the importance of having accurate legacy data that can be accessed by management to alleviate these known issues.”

Kouns said the tool, which can be installed for Cityworks users in less than an hour, was created in response to client need and is already receiving positive feedback.

“We’ve been partners with both Esri and Cityworks for many years,” Kouns said. “Being able to work alongside these industry leaders and help develop integrated solutions for our clients is our primary objective, so developing a tool like this that provides the next innovative step in work order management is gratifying.”

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Cityworks GeoPhoto Tool Developed
June 3, 2020

Enables field crews and end users to spatially view linear assets and relevant work order information.

Using AI To Study Food Contamination
June 3, 2020

AI system automatically detects insect contaminants from images.

New Study Looks At Improving Advanced Ceramic Materials
June 2, 2020

Modern technology is full of advanced ceramics, from silicon solar panels to ceramic superconductors and biomedical implants.

Discomfort Glare in Outdoor Nighttime Environments
June 2, 2020

One of the most important aspects of visual comfort and lighting quality is the restriction and elimination of glare.

Virginia Adopts EPA SNAP Rules 20 and 21
June 1, 2020

New legislation directs shift away from use of hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs).

Power Sector Risk Management Tools To Be Developed
June 1, 2020

Project seeks to develop crucial risk management tools to better incorporate renewable energy sources.

Company To Establish New Software Development And R&D Regional Hub
May 29, 2020

Company will invest $64 million to establish new facility.

DOE Announces Virtual Workshop on Next-Gen R&D
May 29, 2020

DOE’s webinar is seeking input from industry stakeholders regarding next-generation HVAC R&D topics.

NFPA Presents New Fact Sheet Regarding Business Reopenings
May 28, 2020

Fact sheet addresses unique challenges building owners and facility managers of offices, restaurants, and retail stores face as they reopen.

CTLGroup Announces Concrete Pavement Webinar
May 28, 2020

Webinar will focus on an effective pavement preservation strategy.

AASHTO Reports State DOTs In Crisis
May 27, 2020

Revenue shortfall negatively impacts transportation projects and workers jobs.

AHRI Announces Next Spring Series Webinar
May 27, 2020

Latest information about the current effort to ensure a safe transition from HFC refrigerants.

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