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Perfect Energy Efficiency — Fact or Fiction?
October 21, 2020

Unfortunately, the achievement of perfect energy efficiency still remains an elusive goal. However, according to information provided by the University of Rochester (Rochester), researchers may be one step closer to demonstrating an ideal transfer of energy within a system.

Although engines that run with 100 percent efficiency are still more science fiction than science fact, a three-year, $1 million grant from the Templeton Foundation, awarded to Andrew Jordan, a professor of physics at Rochester, will fund research into quantum measurement engines. These engines use the principles of quantum mechanics to run with 100 percent efficiency. The research, to be carried out with co-principal investigators in France and at Washington University St. Louis, could answer important questions about the laws of thermodynamics in quantum systems and contribute to technologies such as more efficient engines and quantum computers.

“The grant deals with several Big Questions about our natural world,” noted Prof. Jordan.

While the researchers have previously described the concept of quantum measurement engines, the theory has never been demonstrated experimentally. Prof. Jordan and his colleagues will use superconducting circuits to design experiments that can be carried out within a realistic quantum system. Through these experiments, the researchers will study how the laws of energy, work, power, efficiency, heat, and entropy function at the quantum level. These concepts are currently not well understood in quantum mechanics.

This type of engine couldn’t currently be used to power a car or industrial machinery due to power limitations. The power in a quantum measurement engine is measured in extremely small output units called picowatts, with one picowatt equal to one million millionths of a watt. However, quantum measurement engines may work in microscopic environments for very small power tasks such as moving around an atom or charging a miniaturized circuit. In these capacities, they may be important components for quantum computers.

“The power scales involved—numbers like picowatts—indicate the large gap between our human interests and these tiny engines,” Prof. Jordan noted.

One way to make quantum measurement engines for human-scale activities may be “through massive parallelization,” Prof. Jordan suggested. “Each device only outputs a tiny amount of energy, but by making billions of them working together, you could make a macroscopic engine from the ground up.”

Prof. Jordan and his team will also investigate another major area of research: how it might be possible to extract work from a system using entanglement as a fuel. In entanglement—one of the basic of concepts of quantum physics—the properties of one particle are interlinked with properties of another, even when the particles are separated by a large distance. Using entanglement as a fuel has the possibly revolutionary feature of creating a non-local engine; half of an engine could be in New York, while the other half could be in California. The energy would not be held by either half of the system, yet the two parts could still share energy to fuel both halves proficiently.

“We will show that the engine can, in principle, be perfectly efficient,” Prof. Jordan stated. “That is, there would be an ideal transfer of energy from the measurement apparatus to the quantum system.”

“The University of Rochester has an existing strength in quantum physics, and indeed was the birthplace of the field of quantum optics,” Prof. Jordan remarked. “We have a good collection of quality researchers in place, a historical legacy of quantum physics, and ongoing University support of quantum physics.”

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Perfect Energy Efficiency — Fact or Fiction?
October 21, 2020

Using the principles of quantum mechanics, researchers will create quantum measurement engines to run with 100 percent efficiency.

New Method To Make Non-Volatile Computer Memory Developed
October 21, 2020

Use of oxygen vacancies as a way to help machine learning.

Formation Of Mid-Atlantic Wind Training Alliance Announced
October 20, 2020

Alliance will be Virginia’s first offshore and onshore wind workforce training collaborative.

Company Will Invest $5.3 Million To Expand Current Manufacturing Operation
October 20, 2020

Investment to enable increased production of PPE.

'Spliting' Sea Water Into Fuel
October 19, 2020
Layering Technique Could Improve Solar Cell Performance
October 19, 2020

Study provides a promising path to obtaining more energy out of sunlight.

Manufacturer Will Use $52.6 Million Investment To Expand Operations
October 16, 2020

Expansion will include new office building and manufacturing facility.

AHRI Launches Informational Campaign
October 16, 2020

Help school systems nationwide improve indoor air quality.

AHRI Announces Final Webinar In Refrigerant Series
October 15, 2020

Session will report on the ongoing research efforts and existing testing results.

Amendments to DOE's Certification, Compliance, and Enforcement Rules Proposed
October 15, 2020

Amendments could have wide-spread impact on manufacturers.

Company Will Invest $1.35 Million To Establish Frst U.S. Manufacturing Facility
October 14, 2020

Company specializes in high-quality fastening products with a special focus on supplying the global wind energy sector.

Acquisition Expands Firm's Aviation Services Capabilities
October 14, 2020

Acquisition strengthens company’s existing aviation service offerings.

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