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Home > Virginia Engineering Consultants > Miller, Beam & Paganelli, Inc.

Miller, Beam & Paganelli, Inc. logo

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Miller, Beam & Paganelli, Inc.

12040 South Lakes Drive, Suite 104
Reston, VA 20191
Tel: 703-506-0005; 800-783-6424  Fax: 703-506-0009

URL: http://www.millerbp.com
Key Personnel: Kevin C. Miller, President; Martin J. Beam, Vice-President
Areas of Specialization: Acoustical, Airports, Architectural, Expert Testimony, Forensic, Highways/Bridges, HVAC, Industrial, Institutional, Mass/Rapid/Rail Transit, Mechanical, Testing, Traffic/Transportation
Services: Miller, Beam & Paganelli, Inc. provides consulting services in the areas of noise, vibration, acoustics, and audiovisual design. With an array of precision (Type I) instrumentation for measuring noise and vibration, we measure, analyze, and develop measures to control transportation, industrial, mechanical equipment, and occupational noise and vibration to meet criteria for sites, buildings, mechanical equipment, and instrumentation. Where applicable, descriptors and ratings are determined following standards of organizations such as ASTM, ANSI, ISO, and ASHRAE. Typical ratings determined include STC, NIC, IIC, and NC. Sound intensity is measured in-situ for certification of mechanical equipment sound power levels. FHWA and VDOT approved methodology and computer models are used for analyzing roadway noise and designing noise barriers. Miller, Beam & Paganelli also provides consulting services for the design of interior room acoustics, audiovisual systems, acoustical isolation, and mechanical equipment noise control measures in new design and corrective applications for diverse spaces such as auditoriums, studios, religious facilities, offices, hotels, apartments, schools, factories, and security rooms using computer modeling where necessary. The firm designs and prepares specifications for audiovisual systems, including sound reinforcement, video projection, assistive listening, recording, audio and video teleconferencing, and noise masking. Designs for noise and vibration control, acoustics, and audiovisual systems are developed to meet the needs of our clients at the least project cost.