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Home > Virginia Engineering Consultants > Virginia Geotechnical Services, P.C.

Virginia Geotechnical Services, P.C. logo

Virginia Geotechnical Services, P.C.

8211 Hermitage Road
Richmond, VA 23228-3031
Tel: 804-266-2199  Fax: 804-261-5569
E-mail: vgs@vgspc.com

URL: www.vgspc.com
Key Personnel: Ann M. Samford, P.E., P.G., W. Jerrold Samford, P.G., Dr. Richard L. Simon, P.E., David M. Sayre, P.G., Aaron L. Zdinak, P.E., Joseph A. Clarke, P.E., Gary T. Bondurant, CET
Areas of Specialization: Airports, Civil, Dams/Impoundments, Environmental, Expert Testimony, Forensic, Foundations, Geologic, Geophysical/Geotechnical, Harbors/Port Facilities, Hazardous/Toxic Waste, Highways/Bridges, Hydrology/Hydrogeology, Industrial, Land Development/Planning, Landfills, Materials, Permits/Permitting, Pollution Abatement/Control, Public Works, Solid Waste Disposal, Stormwater Management/Systems, Testing, Traffic/Transportation, Underground Tanks/Piping, Waste Management/Treatment, Wetlands
Services: Virginia Geotechnical Services, P.C., provides professional consulting services related to land and infrastructure development projects of all types. Senior staff are also leaders of the professional community. Geotechnical service areas include highway and bridge design, the challenges of soft sediments, shallow and deep foundation elements, earthen retaining structures, slope stability, and forensic geotechnical analysis. Environmental services center around the interaction between science and environmental regulation, including, CERCLA, RCRA, UST, AST, Wetlands, Solid Waste, and others. Construction services include soil, concrete, and asphalt testing and are supported by a full-service in-house materials testing laboratory which is AASHTO accredited for over 50 test methods.