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"White Paper" Available on Off-Shore Manufacturing · Sep 20, 2004

Off-shore manufacturing has evolved slowly over the years as manufacturers have seen their profits being squeezed by a wide variety of factors: high labor costs, increased regulations, and tough competitive pressures. All of which have lead manufacturers to explore the holy grail of off-shore manufacturing. In fact, off-shore manufacturing has become so big, that American manufacturing has become a significant and rising percent of China’s GDP.

In a recent “White Paper” produced by Flinchbaugh Engineering, the current state of affairs in off-shore manufacturing is examined. The report sources numerous documents, articles and research results to piece together a glimpse of outsourcing to other countries. Manufacturers often miss some viable alternatives stateside, according to the report, that could help them contain costs while keeping jobs in America. The report examines some case studies where successful on-shore, outsourcing of manufacturing was the best solution used.

A hard copy of the report can be obtained by calling Jack Richards at Flinchbaugh Engineering at (717) 755-1900, ext. 133, or an electronic version can be accessed at www.flinchbaugh-usa.com.

* * *