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ASQ Releases New Body of Knowledge for CQA Examination · May 20th

The American Society for Quality (ASQ) has released a new body of knowledge for the Certified Quality Auditor (CQA) examination. This new body of knowledge will be in effect beginning with the June 5, 2004, examination. All examinations given before that date will be based on the current body. In February 2003, in response to the changing market, ASQ conducted a “job analysis” for the CQA examination. Results of the survey identified which tasks and knowledge areas of the current body of knowledge remain strongly focused in the industry, as well as topics that should be included or removed. The new body of knowledge reorganizes the content of the existing body and adds considerable new material. There are five major topic areas in the 2004 body of knowledge, compared with seven in the 1999 version. The exam format will be a five-hour, 150 multiple-choice question test, including a number of case studies. Certification is formal recognition by ASQ that an individual has
demonstrated proficiency within and a comprehension of a specified body of knowledge at a point in time. It is peer recognition and not registration or licensure. For more information on ASQ certifications, please ASQ’s webpage.

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