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Elevating Educational Prerequisites For Future Engineers
May, 2004
Many Americans would be surprised – if not alarmed – to learn that the people responsible for designing their roads, bridges, buildings and drinking water are only required to hold a bachelor’’s degree while doctors, lawyers, physical therapists, accountants and even elementary school teachers are expected to hold professional and graduate degrees. Despite practicing a profession where technology and techniques are everevolving, the educational requirements for today’s young engineers are less than their counterparts’ of 150 years ago.

Improving Internet Service Quality
April, 2004
Internet service providers may soon be able to guarantee quality of service thanks to software being developed by Marwan Krunz, an associate professor in the University of Arizona’s Electrical and Computer Engineering department.

New Software Allows Researchers To Experiment With Extinct Mammals
March, 2004
A team of design engineers in University of Buffalo’s New York State Center for Engineering Design and Industrial Innovation is developing the first interactive, computational toolkit which will answer with mathematical precision questions concerning how ancient beasts behaved.

Commonwealth Registers Almost 400 New EITs
August, 2003
Almost 400 aspiring candidates from Virginia successfully passed the April 2003 Engineer In Training licensing exam.

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