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"But Where Do I Find the Right People?" Apply Talent Management

March, 2007

“But Where Do I Find the Right People?” Apply Talent Management

By Dan Coughlin

Sally, the regional vice-president of sales in a national retail organization, said, “Dan, I know it’s important to have the right people ‘on the bus,’ but who exactly are the ‘right people’ and how am I supposed to find them and keep them?”

Good question.

I define the “right people” for an organization as “employees who have the appropriate business talent.” What is business talent? The capacity to help your customers achieve their goals in ways that generate sustainable, profitable growth for your business.

The VSPs of Business Talent

An employee’s business talent consists of his or her VSPs: values, skills, and passions.

• Values are beliefs that determine behaviors.
• Skills are the ability to do certain types of work.
• Passions are what trips a person’s trigger, what drives him or her to do the very best.

The function of every manager is to recruit, reward and reenergize employees with relevant business talent so they help optimize their organization’s bottom-line outcomes.
The Three R’s for Optimizing Business Talent

RECRUIT by being a talent scout, not a position-filler.

Post or hunt.

When you have an opening on your staff, there are two ways to find a new employee:
• You could post the opening, wait fo