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Four Steps To Managing Anyone

March, 2006

Four Steps To Managing Anyone
Motivation and Communication to Get the Job Done

by Mimi Donaldson

Managing means getting results through people. We do this in many different settings from workplace to household. If you are alive, you have already been a manager. You’ve managed delivery people, repair people, pets, children, in-laws, spouses and more. One myth is that you need to throw money at people to motivate hard work and loyalty. Not entirely true. Management has less to do with charisma than with consistency. Managers depend on effective interpersonal communication skills to get things done.

Empower And Motivate
Many of you are called “boss.” To avoid “boss” becoming another four-letter word, follow these four steps:

Step 1: Tell the person clearly what you except them to do. Often a great deal easier said than done. In management training environments, this is called “delegation.” My definition of “delegate” is to empower and motivate a person to accomplish results for which you are ultimately responsible. Delegation includes these guidelines: choose a person capable of doing the job; explain the result you want; give the authority to get it done; monitor the activity; give recognition or praise along the way.

Set the climate. Be sure you’re in a place conducive to concentration at a time when the person can concentrate. Listen to your words as you set the tone. Over the years, I’ve heard many a harri