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Is Your Past Holding You Back?

April, 2008

Is Your Past Holding You Back?
How to Move Forward to Find Success
By Guerline Jasmin

We all have negative baggage from our past-abuse from family members, name-calling from school friends, and destructive self-talk, just to name a few. And while these negative events occurred in our childhood, many adults allow their past baggage to dictate their present and guide their future.

For example, perhaps when you were in elementary school a group of classroom bullies constantly called you “a dummy.” Their words hurt you and got ingrained in your mind. Now that you’re an adult and rarely, if ever, think back to your elementary school days, you still believe you’re too dumb to handle many situations. As a result, you don’t try as hard as you could at work, and your results suffer.

No matter what your past burdens are, you need to be able to walk away from them instead of letting them control your present. To help you do so, consider these strategies.

1. Do a life assessment.

The majority of people don’t realize that something from their past is holding them back. Instead, they make excuses for why their life or situation is the way it is. They are so used to being in a negative or non-optimal state that they don’t realize they are living out a pattern that started in their youth. Therefore, the first step is to do an assessment of your life. Look back at the some of the messages you received and revisit major events that happened to you. Write down key phrases or words that you remember, and that you still s