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Make Your Next Trade Show Exhibit a Media Magnet

February, 2007

Make Your Next Trade Show Exhibit a Media Magnet

By Karen Friedman

When it comes to promoting, selling, or creating awareness of your product or service, there’s practically no such thing as receiving TOO much publicity! So, if you happen to land some coveted floor space at a well attended industry trade show, media opportunity might be yours for the taking. The question of course is—-how do you attract that sought after coverage and how do you make it work to your advantage?

For starters, don’t be fooled by thinking attracting coverage and receiving coverage is equal. Attracting coverage at many trade shows is actually the easy part, especially if the venue, like the Philadelphia Flower Show is a hometown favorite that appeals to thousands of people. But just because reporters are floating about, doesn’t mean they’ll float your way.

Generally, most reporters, especially broadcast reporters, who cover trade shows, have little, if any direction. Assignment editors looking for time and space to fill, typically point reporters in the direction of the venue with seemingly explicit instructions such as “See what you can come up with” or “Maybe you can find something new and interesting.” Depending on the time of year, reporters are frequently charged to tie their reports into a holiday or season. For example, if a trade show sports jewelry, the reporter might be assigned a story on what types of jewels people are buying each other this holiday season. If the floor features the latest in high-tech gadgets, r