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Need a "do-over" at work?

April, 2006

Need a “do-over” at work?
How to recover from stupid mistakes

By Judy Carter

We all mess up sometimes—a meeting falls flat, coffee gets spilled on your keyboard, you lose your temper with a co-worker, you step on the gas instead of the brake and smash into someone’s house. Well, some mistakes are bigger than others. But whether you are a salesperson who just lost an important account, or an frustrated employee who just told off the boss, don’t start looking in the want ads yet. If you play your cards right you too can get a second chance for a do-over using something as simple as your sense of humor. Laughter breaks tension, changes the mood and, most importantly, creates an opening for a do-over. And a little light-hearted self-deprecating humor has the added benefit of making you app