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December, 2007

By Steve McCann

Chris is an ambitious man, always wanting to improve and get better at whatever he does. When he was young his dad told him “son, you can do anything you put your mind to”, a nugget of wisdom he has always remembered. He is a goal-setter and has a genuine desire to rise in his career. With the best of intentions he tries and tries and tries to change his routines and behaviors but he just can’t ……for long anyway.

If you were to look in the bottom right drawer of his desk at work you would find a collection of daily planners and electronic organizers, all tried by Chris for a while… but now just taking up space.

At home if you look under his bed, you’ll find the piece of exercise equipment that he purchased last year that now sits alone collecting dust.

One time Chris went to a motivational seminar where it was suggested to get up an hour early and read in your field. He thought this a valuable strategy for his success. So he se