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The Ten Stepping Stones to Setting and Achieving Your Goals

February, 2006

The Ten Stepping Stones to Setting and Achieving Your Goals
By Roy Lantz

Do you remember how, as a child, you would dreamily spend hours gazing at all the wonders found in the holiday catalogs, wishing, hoping and dreaming for those special delights? For most of us, those delights remained largely within the catalog covers, but a couple of important lessons were learned. One, dreaming, hoping and wishing are not particularly effective means of getting what we want, and two, it sure was fun to dream! And even as adults, it’s great fun to dream of castles in the air, and much more so when you begin to build foundations under them, and that’s what goal setting is all about.

And how often did the youthful you wonder what you were going to do “when you grew up?” For many, that dream has changed a number of times, subject to revision with each new interest we encountered. Still others made youthful decisions to follow a certain career path and remain committed to that decision. Others are evaluating options and making career decisions well into maturity and adulthood. And many never really discover the answer to that magical question, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” No matter where you are in your professional life, goal setting can help.

If You Can Conceive It, and If You Believe It, You Can Achieve It!

A number of years ago, the renowned contemporary philosopher Earl Nightingale offered a classic definition of success – “The progressive realization of worthy goals.” Whether the decisions facing you are major – like making a career change �