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Engineer - Mechanical

Mechanical Engineer (ME)
Location: Norfolk Naval Shipyard, Portsmouth, VA

You must be willing to submit to an extensive background check and drug screen.

• Bachelor Degree from an ABET accredited Mechanical Engineering or Engineering Technology program
• Minimum of 5 continuous years of experience in the design and engineering of HVAC and Mechanical systems for facilities
• At least 1 year working as an ME on Capital Improvement facility projects for a Federal Agency.

It is preferred but not required that candidates have professional registration/licensing for their disciplines and be a USGBC LEED accredited professional.

The ME is responsible for providing all mechanical engineering services and design services as required including the preparation of detailed designs, plans using AutoCAD, load analysis software, studies, site surveying, planning services, specifications, and cost estimates in support of in-house and A/E design-bid-build and design-build projects.

Typical design responsibilities include but are not limited to: site utilities, steam, natural gas, propane, plumbing, HVAC systems, industrial and process systems, direct digital controls (DDC) and energy management control systems (EMCS), fuel systems, heating hot water, chilled water, refrigerant systems, domestic hot water systems, domestic cold water systems, sanitary sewer systems, ventilation systems, outside air systems, energy saving systems, solar energy recovery systems, compressed air systems, and energy recovery systems. Typical design projects include facilities such as personnel berthing and messing facilities; housing; recreational facilities; industrial facilities, aviation type repair facilities, administration buildings; piers, multi-story offices and quarters, steam plants, industrial waste treatment plants, aircraft overhaul facilities medical facilities, warehousing facilities; operational support and training facilities; and airfield facilities.

The ME shall also prepare correspondence, status reports, economic analyses, life cycle cost analyses, calculations, engineering analyses, engineering studies, fact sheets and technical reports. Experience in operating mechanical engineering software such as Trane Trace, Carrier HAP, Geo-thermal software, eQuest, solar heating and cooling software, psychrometric engineering software, piping stress analyses software, Life Cycle cost software, and other software used in mechanical engineering is required.

The ME shall provide a broad range of facility engineering and support services to develop and execute facility and utility requirement plans for the full range of projects executed by NAVFAC MIDLANT, including minor works projects, specific projects, special projects, military construction (MILCON), demolitions, maintenance, space utilization and facilities development related to a specific functional area. The services also include preparation of designs for existing facilities requiring extensive alterations, modifications or repair to extend their useful life.

The ME shall have experience in design and engineering for facility design and construction. Have working level knowledge of the DoD Unified Facilities Criteria (UFC), Building Code Analysis, Microsoft Office Software Suite, AutoCAD, SpecsIntact, and cost estimating software for the construction of facilities from design documentation. Documents developed may be in the form of study reports, funding documents (such as DD1391), A&E fee estimates, requests-for-proposals for design-build projects, plans, specifications, reports, and cost estimates. The ME will assist in the preparation of project and contract modification cost estimates, working with available cost estimation tools as well as independent research and utilizing professional experience.

The ME shall have experience coordinating with all engineering/design disciplines, programming, scheduling, planning, design and construction related matters from “cradle-to-grave,” and required actions to coordinate delivery of individual projects, packages and complexes. The ME shall have experience coordinating with customers and sponsor commands, integrating requirements into the overall project execution, and reporting project status to NAVFAC Midlant. All staff will be responsible for executing project schedules within budgets.

The ME shall reviews plans, specifications, cost estimates, project documents and reports submitted by A&E firms for technical adequacy, completeness, functional design, sound engineering practice, compliance with NAVFAC and DOD criteria and all applicable codes. Supports the Government as the final authority on scope compliance and directs the Architecture and Engineering (A&E) firm to correct deficiencies unless challenged by the contract A&E of record. The ME shall ensure that the final submittals are complete and satisfactory.

The ME shall initiate field trips to project site during scoping, design and construction. Interfaces with customer and other interested parties providing expert consultation and gathering pertinent information required to complete project. The ME shall inspect existing conditions of a site and of a facility to gather information. Reviews for Government approval contractor’s materials, submittals, shop drawings, and schedules to ensure they conform to the requirements of the contract documents and when necessary, visits construction sites to provide advice to the Government on problems arising during construction.

Workplace Expectations:
ME shall adhere to the dress code used by NAVFAC MIDLANT, which is business attire. Staff shall conduct themselves in a responsible and professional manner suitable for a government, business, and engineering office setting. Staff shall perform their duties with diligence, professional competence, good attitude, and professional behavior, independent of, and without the supervision of any Government official.

Performance of ME shall include good attitude and cooperation with others, while demonstrating willingness to work with others to promote best interests of the Navy and Marine Corps; minimizes personal difficulties; keeps open mind to suggestions of others; emphasizes positive aspects; provides cooperative service to all operating units; and responsive to task direction.

ME shall demonstrate excellent communication skills in writing and orally. Staff shall keep appropriate Government personnel apprised of progress and problems.

You must be willing to submit to an extensive background check and drug screen.

Qualified candidates are encouraged to submit their resumes to:

Follow up by calling 757-502-4101, ask for Bruce Wilson, Recruiting Manager.

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