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Counting containers on a single file conveyor system (fig. 1).


SUPERPROX? CT1500 Ultrasonic Counting Sensor

A common problem that occurs in many container counting applications is that a stoppage on the conveyor causes container dither and backward container flow. This condition causes miscounts.

The CT1500 Counting Sensor accurately counts even with dithering and backward flow. With the CT1500, when the container continues to dither in front of the sensor without movement forward or backward, the count does not change ( see fig. 2). If the dithering continues and the containers begin to move in the reverse direction (see figure 3), the sensor stops sending pulses to the independent counter. This causes the independent counter to stop count until it starts receiving pulses again. Once the container clears the sensor, the count will begin to increase with a forward flwo of the containers.

The CT1500 also allows the user to set the parameters of the application by scrolling through a series of menus using the "teach" pushbutton and LCD panel. This allows the user to "teach" the sensor the container size, container shape, and direction of containers on the conveyor.

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