Safety interlock switches
High quality solid state timing relays, clutch-break controls and specialty relays
Inductive and capacitive proximity sensors, ultrasonic sensors, molded cordsets, relays, timers and intrinsically safe products
Photoelectric sensors, ultrasonic sensors and machine safety products
For over 50 years, Fireye has manufactured quality combustion
control products for the industrial market.
Primeline Products
Flame Safeguard Controls, Scanners, Amplifiers and Accessories for Single Burner Boiler & Furnace Installations
System Components
Flame Safeguard Controls, Self-Check Scanners, Fiber Optic Scanners, Amplifiers and Accessories for Multi-Dash Burner Applications, Large Industrial Installations and Large Process Installations
Power protection for micro processor based instrumentation
Digital I/O modules, solid state relays and reed relays
Products for device level networks
Force measurement instrumentation
Bin and tank level indicators
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