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AISC Approves New Shipping Standard

August 30, 2004

After years of work with the Metal Service Center Institute and the Technical Committee on Structural Shapes, the American Institute of Steel Construction, Inc. (AISC) has approved a new standard for shipping rolled structural steel shapes. The standard, when implemented by affected companies, is expected to boost supply chain efficiency significantly.

The standard – officially known as the “Standard Specification for Bar Coded Shipment Label and Electronic Advance Shipment Notice including Test Report Information for Rolled Structural Steel Shapes” – includes three parts. They are:

The three components are linked by a supplier reference number.

The objective of the standard is to create a more efficient, integrated supply chain where each shipment lift will have a bar-coded license plate that carries detailed shipment and material information with the option of including traceability to its origin via the mill test report.

“This creates a powerful set of business opportunities for both suppliers and receivers of goods,” explained Mike Engestrom, technical marketing director for Nucor Yamato Steel and chairman of the shipping standard task committee. “The entire shipping and receiving process and all the companies involved can now be informed about the who, the what and the how of the
shipment of every item. Receiving items becomes vastly more efficient because each item now has a bar coded license plate that carries with it detailed information about when it is being received, who sent it and how it is being sent.”

Copies of the standard can be downloaded at www.aisc.org.

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