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AISC Names 2005 Higgins Award Winners

October 28, 2004

Jerome Hajjar, Ph.D., P.E., and Robert Dexter, Ph.D., P.E., have been named recipients of AISC’s 34th Annual T.R. Higgins Lectureship Award. Their paper, “Continuity Plate Detailing for Steel Moment-Resisting Connections,” demonstrates that creativity and understanding of steel fabrication can continue to confirm the reliability of economic steel configurations.

“The awards panel selected this paper as a broadly applicable presentation of information that is important for the entire steel community,” explained Louis F. Geschwindner, AISC’s vice president of engineering and research. “The coauthors present a practical engineering assessment of continuity plates in both seismic and non-seismic applications. The panel also recognized this paper as part of an ongoing and important research program.”

Mr. Hajjar is a civil engineering professor at the University of Minnesota. His research and teaching interests include analysis, experimental testing, and design of steel and composite steel/concrete structures and he has published more than 70 papers on these subjects. He is a member of the AISC Committee on Specifications and participates in task committees on composite construction and on stability. He is vice-chair of the task committee on loads, analysis, and systems. He received AISC’s Special Achievement Award in 2004.

Mr. Dexter, a registered professional engineer and associate professor at the University of Minnesota, has 23 years of experience, including work with the Southwest Research Institute and Lehigh University. His research interests include fatigue and fracture of structures, design, fabrication, and behavior of bolted and welded connections, wind loading and dynamic behavior of structures, and repair of damaged and deteriorated structures. Findings on these topics are reflected in more than 25 of his recently published articles. Dexter is also a member of the AISC Committee on Specifications and participates on the task committee on connections.

The T.R. Higgins Lectureship Award, which is presented at the North American Steel Construction Conference, recognizes outstanding lecturers and authors whose technical paper or papers are considered an outstanding contribution to the engineering literature on fabricated structural steel. In addition to recognition, the recipients receive a $10,000 cash award.

The award is named for Theodore R. Higgins, former AISC Director of Engineering and Research, who was widely acclaimed for his many contributions to the advancement of engineering technology related to fabricated structural steel. The award honors Higgins for his innovative engineering, timely technical papers and distinguished lectures.

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