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AREVA Inc. Technology Recognized As Best of the Best for Fifth Consecutive Year
June 11, 2014

For the fifth year in a row, a utility customer using AREVA Inc. technology was awarded the B. Ralph Sylvia “Best of the Best” Award by the Nuclear Energy Institute (NEI). Through utility customers, AREVA’s technology was recognized with two additional Top Industry Practice (TIP) Awards. The awards were announced at the 2014 Nuclear Energy Assembly in Scottsdale, Ariz. Hosted by NEI, this annual conference gathers industry leaders from around the world.

Dominion’s successful first-of-a-kind examination with automated tooling as part of the lifetime extension for the Surry Power Station in Surry, Va., was awarded both the B. Ralph Sylvia “Best of the Best” Award and the Equipment Reliability Process Award. By using the automated features of AREVA’s newly designed Lower Girth Weld Inspection Tool (LGWIT), plant personnel were able to remotely perform inspections of difficult-to-access areas through the narrow gaps of the reactor vessel internals, reducing radiation exposure while providing significant cost savings for the utility.

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