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ASCE Announces New Publication

September 06, 2005

Throughout history civil engineers have made an enormous impact on the progress and development of this nation. Engineering Legends, just released by ASCE, and written by Richard George Weingardt, P.E., Hon. M. ASCE, provides a unique view into the history and progress of 32 of these great American civil engineers, from the 1700’s to the present.

This book explores the personal lives and professional accomplishments of these outstanding engineers, providing an in-depth look at the people behind these achievements. It also illustrates the diversity surrounding these engineers, such as their differing backgrounds, their reasons for becoming engineers, obstacles they faced, and their work in different disciplines of civil engineering. Practicing and aspiring civil engineers alike will be inspired to succeed by the stories of these American civil engineering legends. Ordering info available at www.pubs.asce.org

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