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ASCE Announces Publication of Structural Engineering Book
July 17, 2013

New book from ASCE. Image courtesy ASCE.
The American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) is pleased to announce the publication of its new book Structural Identification of Constructed Systems, edited by F. Necati Çatbas; Tracy Kijewski-Correa; and A. Emin Aktan.

This book draws upon contributions from experts in the field and focuses on defining the most critical considerations of St-Id, which include: modeling, both analytical and numerical; experimentation, including observations, sensing, and monitoring; data processing, including error screening and feature extraction; model calibration, including comparisons of models and experimental data, model updating and model selection; and decision support, such as scenario analyses and risk assessment.

Structural Identification of Constructed Systems offers an overview of nearly 20 years of research directed at bridging the gap in structural engineering between models and real structural systems. It is essential reading for structural engineers, educators, and researchers working in the areas of structural modeling, health monitoring, assessment, forensics, performance evaluation, predictive analysis, and decision making.

The book may be purchased online at the ASCE webpage.

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