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ASCE Releases New Handbook

July 28, 2005

ASCE has just released Professional Communications: A Handbook for Civil Engineers written by Heather Silyn-Roberts, Ph.D. This handbook provides practical, comprehensive advice on best practice for professional engineering communications. Its purpose is to convey information to the reader accurately and simply. Presented in this book are in-depth coverage of the requirements for many forms of documentation, along with editorial conventions, editing and proofreading, writing style, conference or display posters, and oral presentations of technical material. Readers can choose a specific topic and read that chapter, as this resourceful handbook does not have to be read sequentially.

Dr. Silyn-Roberts based this handbook on 15 years of experience as an expert consultant in documentation for many engineering organizations. Since 1997, she has also run annual programs for international graduate schools in scientific communication in German universities and Max Planck Institutes. Engineering professionals and students alike will benefit from the concise information listed about what is needed in an effective engineering document.

Ordering info at www.pubs.asce.org

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