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ASFE Annual Meeting Schedule Announced

February 21, 2005

A variety of futurists will highlight the April 14-17 Annual Meeting of ASFE/The Best People on Earth, to be held at the Four Seasons Hotel in Toronto, Canada.

They will be joined by representatives of several client types who will reveal their companies’ and industries’ plans for the coming decade. A human resources specialist will add insight into the changes geoprofessional, environmental, and civil engineering firms will need to make in order to attract the best and brightest of 2015, individuals now in junior high school.

ASFE’s Annual Meeting programs get underway on Friday, April 15, when Arthur B. Shostak, Ph.D., a futurist, Stephen S. Fuller, Ph. D., an economist, and David K. Foot, Ph.D., a business demographer describe the major economic, societal, and other shifts that will be occurring over the next ten years. Each will provide his own viewpoint, then comment on the outlooks of the other two speakers. Time has also been allowed for extensive Q&A.

Dr. Shostak is a professor of sociology at Drexel University. He is a consultant to Johnson & Johnson, Monsanto, Proctor & Gamble, and various federal, state, and local government entities. His forecasts have appeared in Fast Company, The Futurist, The New York Times, and The Wall Street Journal.

Dr. Foot, a professor of economics at the University of Toronto, is author of the best-selling book Boom, Bust & Echo: How to Profit from the Coming Demographic Shift. He is known for his research into the relationships between economics and demographics and the resulting implications for private and public policies.

Dr. Fuller is professor of public policy at the Institute for Public Policy at George Mason University. He will focus on the performance of the U.S. and international economies during 2005-2015.

On Saturday, April 16, ASFE will convene a panel comprising leading figures in various client industries. John M. Derrick, P.E., the just-retired CEO of PEPCO (formerly the D.C. area’s Potomac Electric Power Company) and Pepco Holdings, Inc. will discuss the energy sector’s ten-year plans and offer suggestions for activities participants can engage in now to be where the industry arrives in 2015.

Mr. Derrick will be joined by Charles Zimmerman, P.E., Wal-Mart Stores’ Director of International Design and Construction. Mr. Zimmerman will provide insight into the retail giant’s ten-year plan. He has been with Wal-Mart for ten years and has held a variety of positions, including vice president of building design and site development and vice president of facilities.

Bernard Swiecki will anchor the panel. The Center for Automotive Research’s product expert, Mr. Swiecki has authored or co-authored a variety of studies, including several that have examined the economic significance of the automotive industry and the industry’s use of information technology.

Pat Holcomb of The Picus Group will lead a discussion focusing on the attributes of the workforce that graduates college in 2015, and steps that firms need to take now to offer what the top students will be looking for. In addition, Dr. C. Michael Walton, professor of civil engineering at the University of Texas and a member of the National Academy of Engineering, will explain why infrastructure is a social issue. ASFE will also host a battery of attorneys who will discuss emerging legal trends attendees need to be aware of.

More information about ASFE’s meeting is available at www.asfe.org or by contacting ASFE by telephone (301/565-2733).

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