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ASFE Publishes New Memorandum

July 27, 2006

Committees – especially those established by nonprofit organizations – are among the most risk-prone client representatives design professionals work with. “The reasons for the risk are well-known, given decades of unfortunate experiences,” said John P. Bachner, executive vice president of ASFE/The Best People on Earth. “Design professionals can implement a variety of measures to manage the risks, starting by explaining committee risks to committee members at the outset of the project, and suggesting measures for dealing with them. In that way, committee members and design professionals can collaborate to make common problems less likely to occur.” ASFE has developed Model Committee Memo, a model memorandum firms can use to help facilitate the communications process.

Prepared in MSWord® format, to permit easy customization, Model Committee Memo discusses six basic issues and some of the steps applicable for managing the risks associated with each.

The six issues are:
overall approach, lack of continuity, ego, emergency decisions, construction realities, and fee.

ASFE’s Practice Education Committee developed Model Committee Memo, available as a CD ROM at a cost of $50 The document may be ordered from ASFE’s website www.asfe.org

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