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ASFE Releases Latest Version of Dr. English
May 13, 2009

ASFE has released the latest version of ASFE’s Dr. English. Have your proposals and reports reviewed by a Harvard English major who specializes in risk management for design and environmental professionals. ASFE’s Dr. English is a plug-in for Microsoft® Word 2003 and 2007. ASFE’s Dr. English works like a spell-checker or grammar-checker. It scans documents for dangerous or otherwise questionable words and phrases that a spell-checker or grammar- checker typically won’t catch: taboo words that can expose you to unintended and uninsurable risks; absolutes that are seldom accurate; clichés that can commoditize your image; accidental words; and more.

Why download the latest version of ASFE’s Dr. English if you already have it? This version fixes an issue with opening documents in Microsoft® Word 2007. Read more about it here. ASFE-Member Firms are encouraged to use ASFE’s Dr. English free of charge as one of the many benefits of ASFE membership; just fill out the ASFE’s Dr. English Request Form.

They offer two versions of ASFE’s Dr. English: a web-install and a network-install. The web-install is all you need to install it on one computer at a time. The network-install is intended for companies with IT departments that can benefit from being able to install ASFE’s Dr. English across a network without having to visit each workstation.

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