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ASHRAE Announces 2014 High Performance Buildings Conference
August 14, 2013

ASHRAE has announced its next High Performance Buildings Conference will take place April 7-8, 2014, Hyatt Fisherman’s Wharf, San Francisco, California.

Building upon the 2012 High Performance Buildings Conference and 2009 Net-Zero Energy Conference, the Conference seeks to advance the industry’s efforts to accomplish a true high-performance built environment.

The conference topics provide a comprehensive overview of high performance building design with a focus on strategies in several areas, Peterson said. New subject areas include water efficiency, building occupant behavior, new building technologies and indoor environmental quality. In addition, there is increased emphasis on lighting/daylighting and the building envelope.

A case study-type poster session on “Measured Performance” and “Modeled Performance” is presented.

The conference is being presented by ASHRAE’s High Performing Buildings magazine, the industry’s premier source for measured performance of practices and technologies to promote better buildings.

The conference format will include invited speakers as well as a call for presenters and a call for posters, which will be announced in the fall. Additional information can be found at

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