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ASHRAE Duct and Energy Audit Info Available

July 06, 2004

Guidance on the use of antimicrobial and fabric ducts is contained in the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers’ (ASHRAE) 2004 Handbook.

“HVAC Systems and Equipment,” discusses systems and the equipment that comprise them, including features and differences. It is designed to help system designers and building operators select and use equipment.

Fabric air distribution devices are being incorporated into a growing number of open architecture areas of buildings by HVAC engineers, according to Herman Behls, a member of ASHRAE’s Technical Committee 5.2, Duct Design, which revised the chapter.

The section on fabric ducts was added to the Handbook to educate engineers on what to look for and how to design ducts and room air distribution using fabric products, according to Behls.

The Handbook also contains a new reference to a tool for understanding how desiccant equipment works.

The 2004 ASHRAE Handbook is published in two editions. One contains inch-pound (I-P) units of measurement, and the other contains the International System of Units (SI).

The cost of the Handbook, HVAC Systems and Equipment, print edition is $155, in I-P or SI. It is also is available in CD format, which contains both the I-P and SI editions. The cost is $155.

Procedures to help obtain accurate assessments of a building’s energy use and its realistic savings potential are contained in a new publication from ASHRAE.

“Procedures for Commercial Building Energy Audits,” provides procedures to guide analysts and owners in conducting audits and a uniform method for reporting basic information, such as building, system and energy use characteristics.

The book contains some 25 forms illustrating the content and arrangement of an effective energy analysis report. The forms also are included on an accompanying CD, allowing for customizing and printing.

The cost of Procedures for Commercial Building Energy Audits is $58 ($39, ASHRAE members), plus shipping and handling.

To order visit, ASHRAE webpage

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