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ASHRAE Issues Call For Members - Standard 41, 195, and SPC 113
June 3, 2016

ASHRAE has announced a Call for Members for project committees for the following standards:

ANSI/ASHRAE Standard 41.1-2013, Standard Method for Temperature Measurement: Prescribes methods for measuring temperature.

•ANSI/ASHRAE Standard 41.10-2013, Standard Methods for Refrigerant Mass Flow Measurement Using Flowmeters: Prescribes methods for refrigerant mass flow rate measurement using flowmeters.

•ANSI/ASHRAE Standard 195-2013, Method of Test for Rating Air Terminal Unit Controls: Specifies instrumentation and facilities, test installation methods, and procedures for determining the accuracy and stability of airflow control systems for terminal units at various airflow set points.

•SPC 113, Method of Testing for Room Air Diffusion: Defines a repeatable method of testing the steady state air diffusion performance of an air distribution system in occupied zones of building spaces.

Those interested in serving on these ASHRAE committees should indicate their interest and obtain the necessary membership forms at ASHRAE Forms and Procedures, or by contacting .

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