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ASHRAE Seminar Presentations to Be Available Online, DVD

July 20, 2004

Technical information from seminar presentations made at the 2004 Annual Meeting of the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) will be available online.

For the first time, seminar presentations at ASHRAE’s 2004 Annual Meeting in June were recorded and synched with PowerPoints to create online and DVD products following the meeting.
Seminars are presentations on a central or related topic with no published papers.

These recordings will capture the PowerPoint presentations along with presenters’ spoken remarks. The recordings also include the question and answer periods from each presentation. ASHRAE will record more than 100 hours of content from some 50 seminars, comprising more than 175 separate presentations.

The presentations will be available in three formats:

A 2-DVD set containing the seminar recordings and an interactive table of contents page that gives a brief description of each seminar and provides links to view the presentations. The cost of the DVD is $199 ($149, ASHRAE members). Customers can purchase the seminar recordings DVD and the ASHRAE Meeting CD together. The cost is $299 ($225, ASHRAE members).

Individual seminars for purchase and download from ASHRAE’s online bookstore. The cost per seminar is $49 ($25, ASHRAE members).

Complete online access to all seminar presentations through the ASHRAE webpage ASHRAE.org bookstore. The cost is $149 ($99, ASHRAE members).

The DVD will be available in August with the online presentations available in July.

A free download of Webex Player, needed to play the recordings, will be provided on the DVD and in the ASHRAE.org bookstore.

Presentations by presenters who did not give recording permission are not available for purchase.

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