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ASSE Comments On 2009 BLS Report
September 2, 2010

The American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE) passes along its condolences to the families of the 4,340 people who lost their lives last year due to on-the-job injuries, according to statistics just released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), yet note there is much more to do.

Studies have shown that the indirect cost of a workplace injury can be up to 10 times that of the direct costs. For every $1 invested in an effective workplace safety program, $4 to $6 may be saved as illnesses, injuries and fatalities decline. Indirect costs include: training and compensating replacement workers; repairing damaged property; accident investigation and implementation of corrective actions; scheduling delays and lost productivity; administrative expenses; low employee morale and increased absenteeism; and, poor customer and community relations.

As we move forward, ASSE President Darryl C. Hill, Ph.D., CSP said, ASSE and its members will continue to work to protect people, property and the environment. They work in all areas of safety including environmental, system safety, media, risk management, mining, transportation, industrial hygiene, ergonomics, entertainment, fire protection, radiation, chemical process, construction and much, much more utilizing safety science and promoting good leadership and management techniques.

A positive area to note is that there continues to be an ongoing demand for occupational safety, health and environmental information, training and insight showing that business, organizations, government entities, labor and individual interest in providing a safe workplace and the profession is high.

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