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ASSE Safety Insights Aid Azerbaijan
January 31, 2013

Azerbaijan leaders faced with a rapidly developing oil and gas industry are turning to occupational safety and health professionals and organizations such as the American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE) for workplace safety guidance. This was illustrated by the inaugural International Safety Leadership Conference held in Baku. ASSE officials not only gave presentations at the conference, but also visited and spoke with many employees at a major oil and gas facility in the region.

Massive projects in the region include the development of the Turkmenistan Nabucco gas pipeline being built to transport gas to Central and Western Europe; the Sangachal Terminal, one of the largest oil and gas facilities in the world; and the Baku-Tibilisi-Ceyhan pipeline.

At the conference, ASSE officials spoke to an audience of more than 140 international business, safety and Azerbaijan officials. The Baku-based Rovshan Oguz Group sponsored and organized the conference to provide residents and businesses with the latest knowledge, insights and educational information on workplace safety.

For more information, see this ASSE News Page

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