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Boeing's Marc Sheffler Receives Award from Virginia Tech
October 21, 2009

Marc Sheffler (left) and Richard Benson.

Marc Sheffler of Bear, Del., a 1973 aerospace engineering graduate of Virginia Tech, received the College of Engineering’s Distinguished Service Award. The honor was recently bestowed at a meeting of the College’s Committee of 100, a prestigious group of engineering graduates of Virginia Tech.

In 2007, Mr. Sheffler arranged for his company, Boeing, to present a $50,000 check to the Design Team Endowment Fund, founded by the Student Engineers’ Council at Virginia Tech. A few months later he supplemented that check with another $15,000 check from Boeing for the same cause. In 2009, he presented the Student Engineers’ Council with yet another $20,000 for the Design Team Endowment.

Mr. Sheffler has also coordinated Boeing’s support for the Aerospace and Ocean Engineering department, and a number of engineering scholarships at Virginia Tech over the years.

Mr. Sheffler joined Boeing in 1973, the same year he earned his bachelor’s degree in Aerospace Engineering from Virginia Tech. He has worked in a variety of positions including the Comanche Air Vehicle Design project. Mr. Sheffler is an Honorary Fellow of the American Helicopter Society. He is currently Boeing’s Senior Manager of the Engineering Phantom Works, and is located at its Philadelphia, Pa., office.

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