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Book Exposes Glaring Blunder in Education System

October 24, 2005

Norman Edmund is a man on a mission. The retired founder of the world famous Edmund Scientific Co., and an amazingly youthful 89 years old, he’s spent 15 years conducting specialized study into a glaring blunder in the educational system – a mistake perpetrated over 50 years ago, but which today affects the entire educational system and virtually every facet of industry.

Mr. Edmund has put his money where his mouth is with the forthcoming release of End the Biggest Educational and Intellectual Blunder in History. He’s offering $100,000 to certain educational or intellectual organizations that can prove his conclusions wrong.

The focus of Mr. Edmund’s book – the ‘scientific method’ of research and knowledge acquisition – is familiar to many, but Edmund has uncovered the origins of a deliberate effort to disprove the existence or relevance of it. Indeed, he ‘names the names’ of the organizations responsible for a debacle which Mr. Edmund claims is wasting over $50 billion a year.

Mr. Edmund posits that the scientific method is the complete method of creative problem solving and decision making for all fields, and that it is the greatest quality control method ever developed. Educationally, he provides extensive evidence showing that the lack of use of the scientific method in our schools is a major reason our educational system is so rife with problems.

“The No Child Left Behind Act calls for ‘scientifically based research,’ but provides no explanation of what this means, and in fact, other top governmental agencies continue to claim the scientific method doesn’t exist,” says Mr. Edmund. “The public is largely dissatisfied with our educational system, and our top educators churn out ‘new’ learning devices and teaching methods one after another, but they’ve lost total sight of the fundamental key to learning.”

In his book, Mr. Edmund discusses topics including:

How a renowned educational leader set in motion in 1947 a chain of intellectual opinions proclaiming the scientific method does not exist.

Exactly how the U.S. is wasting billions of dollars on misguided educational ‘reforms.’

Why the No Child Left Behind Act leaves behind key aspects of educational improvement.

How an idea which many consider to be the method which has most changed the world for the better is virtually left out of the educational process.

How the dismissal of the scientific method has adversely affected virtually every industry and public endeavor in America, including engineering, financial, public safety, military, and even the war on terrorism.

Why the real blame for the educational crisis in American lies with the top educational leaders, not the teachers.

Unlike any educational reform book ever published, End the Biggest Educational and Intellectual Blunder in History is part scathing historical analysis and groundbreaking plan for change, with elements of real-life mystery.

“This book is really about the big picture of education, a picture our top educational leaders see through glass colored with misconceptions and erroneous beliefs,” noted Edmund. “It is my mission to change the system and open people’s eyes to a problem which – when solved – will dramatically improve life for our children and all of us.”

There’s $100,000 waiting out there for someone who can prove him wrong.

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