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Bowman Consulting Launches Leadership Program

November 18, 2005

Bowman Consulting has launched a leadership coaching
program as part of their recruitment, retention and employee performance program.

Leadership coaching is typically found in the Fortune 500 and major consulting firms. The launch of a leadership coaching program within Bowman Consulting is highly unique in the consulting engineering industry. “Leadership coaching works well with high-potential individuals who are self-aware and committed to personal development -at the end of the day, coaching helps enhance all aspects of their life and we believe that has a direct impact on business results,” said Gary Bowman, President.

Bowman Consulting’s leadership coaching program is modeled after The Wharton School of Business, Executive Coaching Workshops. Ms. Trish Hollar, Chief Human Resources Officer, has participated in the workshops and leads the coaching program for Bowman Consulting. Coaching develops leaders in the context of their current jobs, without removing them from their day to day responsibilities. The program follows a very formal structure, with clear expectations and accountabilities for the participating individuals. In addition, the program relies on a number
of other human resource assessment tools to help identify developmental opportunities for participants in the program

Currently, Ms. Hollar is coaching ten individuals in key leadership
positions in the organization. She expects that the usage of such a
progressive employment development technique will continue to play a major role in the attraction, retention and continued development of the industry’s best and brightest.

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