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Bowman Consulting To Present At Conference

March 22, 2006

Bowman Consulting is pleased to announce it’s participation at LaBash 2006, an annual national student landscape architecture conference. Speakers at the conference include experts from within the industry and will be lecturing on topics related to urban design, environmental planning, and sustainable land development practices. Gregory Long, a registered landscape architect representing Bowman Consulting, will discuss green roof design applications and the technical components that make up these systems.

“Green roofs can add value to every project and maintain a balance between our built environment and our natural eco-systems,” said Greg Long. “These systems present an opportunity for attractive amenities as well as innovative stormwater management solutions,” added Long.

In addition, the panel of landscape architecture speakers will discuss the reclaiming of city parks, waterfront redevelopment and low impact development techniques. The conference will take place at the University of Maryland from March 23rd – 25th. For further information, contact Greg Long at (703) 548-2188 or or visit the LaBash2006 website at www.mdlabash.com.

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