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Bresler To Speak At 2006 Regenerate World Congress
April 25, 2006

Herbert Bresler will discuss the challenges of translating cell- and tissue-based therapies into successful products as part of the 2006 Regenerate World Congress on Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine in Pittsburgh this week.

According to Dr. Bresler, the move from laboratory to market cannot occur without thoughtful development of manufacturing capabilities.

Dr. Bresler’s presentation will kick off the Thursday sessions and set the stage for the final day of the Regenerate World Congress, and the first day of the 2006 Society for Biomaterials Annual Meeting and Exposition, which will be held at the same location. The presentation will summarize some of the major challenges facing regenerative medicine companies and will discuss a systematic approach to addressing those challenges.

The Regenerate World Congress is the leading conference on tissue engineering and regenerative technologies. The 2006 Congress focuses on tissue engineering and regenerative medicine approaches to restoring the function of damaged or diseased tissues and organs. The event also will explore technologies and broader cross-cutting challenges facing this emerging field of biomedicine. The event is designed for those engaged or interested in the fields of cellular therapies, medical devices and artificial organs, biomaterials, bioengineering, and clinical translation.

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