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Cash for 'Clunker-Lighting' Program Available
August 11, 2010

A comprehensive cash-for-clunker-lighting program already exists, says the National Lighting Bureau, but far too few commercial-lighting decision-makers are using it, hurting their own organizations’ bottom lines and the environment we all share.

According to National Lighting Bureau President Howard P. Lewis, by qualifying for the Commercial Building Tax Deduction (CBTD), commercial-lighting-system owners can derive a tax benefit to help offset the cost of a new lighting system or lighting-system improvement, up to $0.60/square foot. Mr. Lewis noted that information about the CBTD is available at the Bureau’s website. The CEO of Lighting Alternatives, Inc., Mr. Lewis represents the Illuminating Engineering Society of North America (IES) on the NLB board.

“The federal tax benefit in many cases only scratches the surface of the financial benefits available,” said Mike Colotti, Vice President, Brand Management and Marketing Communications, for Bureau-sponsor OSRAM SYLVANIA. “Other financial incentives include tax or other benefits from state governments as well as rebates from local electric utilities, plus significant utility savings in the form of lower energy costs and lower demand charges.”

Mr. Colotti advised commercial-building lighting owners not to wait. “Many popular T12 lamps will be eliminated as of July 14th, 2012 because of the 2009 Department of Energy lamp rulemaking and the ongoing fluorescent-ballast rulemaking process that is expected to eliminate even more T12 ballasts. People need to get those T12 systems out of their buildings while incentives still are available to help offset their costs. Once we reach the point where T12 systems can’t be purchased or maintained – and we’ll be there soon – there’ll be no reason to incentivize owners to replace them. They’ll have no choice.”

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